Drink Menu

Say a Sarong hello to a little spice with your sophisticated cocktail.


  • Rye Manhattan
    Cynar rye bourbon citrus honey
  • Smoked Whiskey Sour
    Smoke Bourbon whiskey coffee wood egg white sweet & sour
  • Espresso Ginger Martini
    Vodka Kahlua ginger espresso
  • Pineapple & Apple Martini
    Vodka fresh muddled pineapple & apple lemon juice pomme syrup peach liquer
  • Shanghai Donkey
    Mandarin vodka fresh orange & lime juice charged with homemade ginger beer
  • Lychee Banshee
    Vodka pink grapefruit lychee vanilla lemon
  • Cucumber South Side
    Gin X- Rated sweet sour
  • Red Lotus
    Lemon cello vodka ginger beer strawberry
  • Nano Crush
    Vodka crushed lychees lime strawberries puree passionfruit cranberry apple juice

Long & Refreshing

  • Pina Basil Smash
    Rum basil pineapple lime sugar
  • Rambling Tart
    Vodka Chambord vanilla strawberry sparkling wine
  • Prohibition Ice Tea
    Vodka rum gin triple sec citrus sugar syrup splash of coke egg white served long with a side of screwdriver orange
  • Sarong Mary
    Vodka Sarong’s secret recipe mary mix fresh pressed lemon juice cherry tomatoes
  • Summer Fate
    Vodka strawberry watermelon pineapple vanilla ginger beer
  • Spirituality
    X-Rated Gin infused with berries Chambord watermelon fresh strawberry mint


  • Raspberry Mojito
    Rum raspberry puree sugar mint citrus syrup
  • Mango & Pomegranate Mojito
    Rum fresh mango mint citrus syrup pomegranate juice
  • Watermelon Mojito
    Rum watermelon mint citrus syrup watermelon juice
  • Kerala Mojito
    Rum coriander pineapple citrus chili black pepper
  • Ginger & Green Tea Mojito
    Ginger infused rum mint citrus syrup green tea


  • Margaritaville
    Tequila coconut citrus orange port wine
  • Chilli & Lime Margarita
    Tequila honey pressed lemon pineapple & chilli
  • Passion Fruit Margarita
    Tequila fresh passion fruit passion fruit puree lime honey blossom
  • Aperol Margarita
    Aperol Sauvignon Blanc Tequila Triple sec fresh orange syrup citrus